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    Welcome toAnqiu Yixin Machinery Co., Ltd.Official website!

    Yixin Machinery

    Anqiu Yixin Machinery Co., Ltd.Constantly innovating and committed toproduct development, update and improvement

    Service Line:15866407777

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    YI XINProduct DisplayFocus on R&D, production and service

    welcome About us Anqiu Yixin Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Yixin Machinery is committed to building crushing, industrial milling, ore processing and green building materials, and provides intelligent solutions and mature supporting products. It is deeply rooted in the global market and uses the craftsman spirit to build the heavy weapon of the great power. Anqiu Yixin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise mainly engaged in the production of heavy-duty mining machines, integrating scientific research, production...

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    NewsConstantly innovating and committed to product development, update and improvement


    Yi Xin Machinery ·Customer CaseThanks to the trust and support of new customers over the years

    Service Line15866407777
    • TELTEL15866407777
    • ContactContactManager Hao
    • 郵箱郵箱
    • Company AddressCompany AddressMinghu North Road, Anqiu Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province
    Anqiu Yixin Machinery Co., Ltd. 備案號:魯ICP備19026764號-1   
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